GPI Announcement

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Global Prospective Investments LLC announces formation 
to encourage business growth in Nodaway County

MARYVILLE, Mo. – A local group of individuals have banded together to form a unique partnership. Global Prospective Investment LLC (GPI) is a newly formed angel investment group interested in developing value added products and technologies.

Currently, focused on Nodaway County, the group has sincere interest in helping to support and promote business development in cooperation with Northwest Missouri State University’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) and Nodaway County Economic Development.

GPI’s mission is to promote northwest Missouri’s people, products and services to create jobs and develop value-added technologies.

A top priority of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is to support economic development in northwest Missouri and to help create jobs,” said Larry Lee, director of business development and tenant relations at the CIE. “Global Prospective Investment LLC can be a key player in creating new opportunities that will transform northwest Missouri’s economy in the future.”

GPI is a private partnership formed to assist value-added business growth when appropriate. Although a virtual headquarters, GPI intends to operate from the CIE, using meeting rooms and the expertise available throughout the facility and the University.

“Most of us are producers, and we understand risk and the need to develop value added products,” GPI’s John Blackford said. “GPI is here to help create quality jobs and encourage businesses to invest in our community. As a new group, we needed a home-base. The CIE is all about building technology-based businesses and launching value-added companies. It makes sense for GPI to start here.”

The CIE is a mixed-use incubator with emphasis on technology-based, start-up companies. It also provides assistance to existing small businesses and encourages development of new small businesses. The 46,679 square-foot facility includes three lab analysis research areas, a shared scientific instrument room and 9,000 square feet of tenant office space. The academic wing contains more than 16,000 square feet of highly specialized teaching and research labs and offices. For more information about opportunities to accelerate the success of your high-growth business or to use the services of the CIE’s contract analysis lab, visit

GPI will utilize Nodaway County Economic Development (NCED) as the partnership’s business development contact. For GPI inquiries on commercializing value added technologies, contact NCED at

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