Integrity for iPad and iPhone Launches

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Midland GIS Solutions has developed Integrity Mobile GIS, the premiere GIS data viewer for iPad and iPhone. With a focused feature set and clean interface, this app ushers in a revolution in how people everywhere can utilize and view GIS data. Having the ability to update and edit GIS features from your iPad and iPhone simply hasn’t been done before – until now, with Integrity Mobile GIS.

Download our Integrity GIS TestDrive app at today!

Integrity Mobile provides GIS users with the unique ability to manage, analyze and maintain their GIS data anywhere, anytime on an iOS device. Similar to the desktop version of Integrity developed with ArcGIS Server and Silverlight, mobile users can easily search and select features across multiple data layers and measure map features by length or area, while adjusting units on the fly. Map Layers are the backbone of any GIS viewer and this app lets users adjust the visibility of these layers, toggle on or off certain map services and generally tailor any dynamic map to their exact needs. Pictures or videos attached to map features are great examples of the types of rich data you can access through this app, allowing you to view photo galleries of a property, smooth-stream sewer video of a gravity main you’re inspecting, and anything else you can imagine.

Integrity’s Version 1.1 release, set for late October 2012, will include a “disconnected mode” that allows users to take their GIS data into the field, regardless of internet accessibility, and perform maintenance in real time without any reliance on a data signal. Once they’ve finished with updates they can seamlessly sync new or updated feature data once they’ve reconnected to a wireless source.

The iOS version of Integrity is a breakthrough model that will continue to help counties, municipalities and facilities truly unleash their GIS data – increasing daily efficiencies in workflow and operational awareness to an even greater level. This mobile GIS app is a must have for on-the-go professionals to get the most out of their GIS technology.

Integrity Mobile GIS is an enterprise-level app with advanced GIS mapping capabilities and allows an organization (of virtually any type) to make their GIS mapping data readily available on the iPad and iPhone. If you want to see Integrity in action and experience its intuitive functionality, download our Integrity GIS TestDrive on the app store or go to today!

About Midland GIS Solutions

With more than 40 years of mapping and GIS experience, Midland GIS Solutions is an industry-leading GIS development Company, offering GIS development services, accurate GPS data collection and web-based GIS services to municipalities, counties and utility companies. Our Integrity™ web GIS solutions and Integrity™ Mobile GIS for iPhone and iPad provides the necessary tools to cost-effectively manage your municipal infrastructure and utility data to increase efficiency in maintenance, work flow and overall productivity. Midland GIS Solutions is headquartered in Maryville, Missouri. For more information about Midland GIS Solutions and Integrity GIS solutions, visit us at and

Current Integrity Mobile GIS Features:

  • GPS Location Services
  • GPS Buffer Identify (Easily view nearby features and their attributes)
  • Measure by length or area and adjust units on the fly
  • Area Identify Features – Select an area on the map and see all the features located within.
  • Full Search Engine – Select which map layers you want to include in your results, then simply type in your search terms
  • Smart Search Results – Search results are found in the ‘Results’ tab and are categorized by map layers.
  • Feature Editing (only available with secure login)
  • Photo Attachments (only available with secure login)
  • Media Viewing and Streaming – View pictures or stream videos linked to specific features.
  • Map Layers – Toggle on/off map layers and the app will remember your settings for future sessions.
  • Map Legend – A quick visual reference that helps you learn the symbols of map features.
  • Now supports Bing map layers